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Gorilla Kitchen is available for catering at your event!  Run by an experienced team with experience in Event Management, Community Work, Hospitality Management and international Cheffing experience spanning more than a decade we can tailor a menu or event to suit your needs, style, tastes and dietary requirements.  Whether it is a delicious wholesome and healthy menu you're after, a naughty comfort food menu, or a mix of both, we've got you covered.  The options are endless and our creativity knows no bounds.  All our food is free from Animal products, that means no dairy, eggs, honey, meat, fish, gelatine, or weird animal derived additives like castoreum aka beaver bum gland juice ( it, eeew).  We can do gluten free, refined sugar free, nut free, and more.  Most of our food is also suitable for Halal and Kosher requirements. 


We have catered retreats, festivals, private events, dinner parties, work functions, student resident halls and more! We also offer cooking Playshops for both adults and Kids.  Gorilla Kitchen is passionate about community and love being involved in fundraising events too.  Contact us and we can discuss the options

We look forward to serving you Good Kai,

GK x

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