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 Meet The Chef 

Aysha is the woman behind Gorilla Kitchen.  She has been a chef for almost 10 years and has been passionate about cooking wholesome, delicious and tantalising food since a young age. Aysha started her career in cooking back in Christchurch NZ, and then went on to work in and manage a variety of kitchens in NZ, Australia and the UK.  Her main passion and focus is providing delicious plant based food that not only rivals but exceeds that of its traditional counterpart yet without all the unnecessary additives, animal products and cholesterol.  

Her scope of cooking experience ranges from cooking on a large scale at festivals, retreats and student residence halls to a la carte and faced paced restaurant and cafe service through to small intimate catering, large scale pop up events cooking for over 300 people and everything else in between.

If you haven't yet tried Aysha's food then you are in for a treat. Whether you want refined high end catering, modern raw food, hearty comfort food or casual finger food Aysha can meet and exceed all your needs and expectations. 

Here's some nice words people have passed on to us:

"To convert my husband, a hard core carnivore, that takes **something special!** And Aysha and her crew are doing just that! Making food that makes you think, that's special! If vegan food can be this good, surely it's worth investing in!We look forward to future 'Gorilla Kitchen' events and seeing what the next best 'meal of the day' will be. I mean, smoke fish pie that has no fish but you'd swear was fish! That's **something special!** .. 0 ngā kupu i kitea" - Sarrah Facebook Review

 Chef Aysha 

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