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Our Story:

At Gorilla Kitchen we believe that what we eat and drink should be delicious and healthy without having negative impacts on the planet and animals! All of our food is free from Dairy, Eggs, Honey, Animal Products, Nasty Chemicals and is GMO free!

We want you to eat like a King, not compromising on flavor, health or ethics. The Gorilla eats a natural Plant Based diet and is one of the strongest Animals on the Planet.

Our main passion is in creating wholefood organic raw and cooked food that nourishes the body, mind and soul. We love combining traditional techniques like fermentation and sprouting with new modern cooking techniques to create exciting and delicious dishes.

We cater to all requirements from high vibrational super food infused raw foods, to wholesome nourishing cooked foods, to naughty comfort food favorites and everything in between. So whether it's an organic wholefood raw three course meal or a naughty pub style meal - we can make it all!

Gorilla Kitchen is run by a professional chef with over a decades worth of experience running, managing and setting up busy kitchens in New Zealand. Having worked in a variety of kitchens including formal dining restaurants, cafes and pubs offering a la carte as well as bulk cooking and catering for hundreds in one sitting, the Gorilla Kitchen crew has a wide range of experience to call upon.

We look forward to feeding you wholesome, healthy, happy food made with love, integrity and passion.

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